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First Canadian Astronaut, Chris Hadfield, to be Commander

of the International Space Station (ISS) for 6 months straight.

Out for a walk and a PEMF. Dec 2010

Yuri Gagarin. Final preparations before his historical launch which propelled him to be the first human to leave earths gravitational and magnetic fields. 1961. 

Discovery of PEMF Therapy

The discovery of the importance of PEMF can be found in the story of Yuri Gagarin's mission to be the first man to enter space, sub sequentially leaving our planets Magnetic Field. This Russian cosmonaut, left the planet strong and healthy but 

returned to Earth in near critical condition after just one

hour and forty-eight minutes in orbit; simply because 

his body had been deprived of earth's Pulsing Electro-

Magnetic-Field (PEMF). His bodily functions were

shutting down because he left the natural 

environment that supports normal cellular functions.

We now understand exactly how PEMF's control all

life on this planet.

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How PEMF Therapy can help...

PEMF therapy surrounds everyone of your cells with a natural pulsed magnetic field. This triggers your cells to Oxygenate, Detox and replicate in a perfect environment. These effects decrease pain and increase your body's ability to recovery efficiently.

You will notice:

  • Immediate decrease in Pain.

  • Reduction in inflammation.

  • Increased range of motion.

  • Faster functional recovery.

  • Increased energy levels.

  • Better moods.

  • Insomnia reduced drastically.

  • Reduced muscle lost after surgery.

  • Increased tensile strength in ligaments.

  • Faster healing of skin wounds or incisions.

  • Enhanced capillary formation (circulation).

  • Acceleration of nerve regeneration.

Every astronaut since Yuri has a PEMF generator,

much like the PEMF-120 built into every piece of their

equipment, clothing, bedding, rooms, etc. that

surrounds them during space travel.

With out these build in generators providing the

astronauts environment with a constant stream

of PEMF their cell function would cease, and death 

would be emanate within days of being away

from earths magnetic field.