​​PEMF Practitioner:

Tanys Hopkins

T: ​604-966-1265

E: ​tanyspemf@gmail.com

​​​​​​​ PEMF Session:  $60/
60 minutes 
Accepting Credit, Debit, Cash
or E-Transfer

PEMF Practitioner:

Sean Dillon

T: 250-689-7363

E: sean@pemfit.ca

​​​​​​ PEMF Session:  $70/ 60 minutes 
Accepting Credit or Cash


Sechelt, BC

PEMFiT Penticton

& Oliver, BC



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​​​​​​​ PEMF Session:  $80/ 35 minutes 

PEMF & Thai massage combo:  


Accepting Credit, Debit, Cash or E-Transfer

PEMFiT Pemberton, BC

PEMFiT Chetwynd, BC

46202 Second Ave

​Chilliwack, BC

​​PEMF Practitioner:

Stephanie Doyon

T: 604-698-6188

E: coastalpulse@protonmail.com

Studio: 5844 Marine Way

What to expect during your PEMF or Initial Session

PEMF sessions are done fully clothed, sitting in a chair or in your preferred comfortable position. No pain or discomfort is felt as a result of or during a PEMF session. A specific attachment will be placed over or around certain body parts, depending on your ailment or injury. PEMF Sessions are fully interactive, one must constantly verbally explain and track the feelings that the pulse frequency is giving you. Simple movements, stretches and adjustments can be performed while receiving PEMF's.

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Langley, BC


Chilliwack, BC

​​​​​​ PEMF Session:  $60/ 45 minutes 
Accepting Credit or Cash


Port Moody, BC



PEMF Practitioner:

Georgette Metcalfe

T: 604-845-3277

Equine​​​​​​ PEMF Session:  $110/ 45 minutes.​
Human & Pet PEMF : $75/45 minutes
Accepting Credit, E-transfer or Cash

​​PEMF Practitioner:

Natalie Ruthven 

T: ​604-505-1921 E:nruthven@me.com

Location: Mobile in Langley area

​​PEMF Practitioner:

Karen Winder   

T: 604-761-8313

Studio: 4 2305 St. John's St.

Call Karen today to book an appointment.

​​PEMF Practitioner:

Kris Barrette   

T: ​250-788-5845

Studio: Chetwynd, BC

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1- A pulsed frequency will be applied to you, 3 minutes at a time, via the PEMF-120 generator and it's attachments. 

2-The attachment size and location will possibly change throughout the following 30-40 minutes.

3-At the end of the session. Light stretches and movements can be done to help increase circulation.


4-Rest and Hydration should follow the session and an action plan will be set forth to optimize your specific healing needs.