"My doctor told me i had to give up my active lifestyle of kite boarding and backcountry skiing due to the lack of

meniscus and the build up of scar tissue in my knee. 

After just 4 PEMF treatments I 

haven't gone back to the doctor, or had to sacrifice any aspect of my lifestyle."

"Just wanted to say thank you for your help with the Pulse Machine. I came to see you because I was suffering from pain due to Lymphoma Cancer in my spleen.

Since we started, one and a half months ago, I have almost no pain. In the beginning, pain would not let me breathe a full breath into my lungs and after only a couple sessions, I could breathe deeply . The Energy I feel during the treatments always blow my mind and the next day I feel great! 

I'm glad I found you! PEMF is the only thing that takes away my pain".

" I had a neck injury that had been bothering me for 10 months and a shoulder injury that had been giving me pain for 2 months. With only 1 session with PEMFiT both my neck and shoulder have been healed. It's now been a month and a half since my treatment and I'm still pain free ! PEMF is a quick and easy treatment that i recommend for people with illness or injury."

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